Member Classes

Active Members

Full-time or affiliate, or adjunct members of the Faculty or Staff of Washington University; or Staff who are no less than half-time exempt employees; or Faculty of University College with less than half-time appointments.


Emeritus status applies to full-time retired Faculty or Staff employees of the University only. In addition, Emeritus members must have been active members of the Whittemore House while they were full-time employees of the University and at the time of their retirement. If a faculty or staff was not a member prior to retiring, they may join by paying the initiation fee and monthly dues.

Washington University Trustee Members

Trustees of the University shall be entitled to membership.

Special and Eliot Society Members

Certain individuals and categories of individuals whose membership has been authorized by the Administrative Board. These include, but are not limited to: temporary or visiting faculty, those on leave or non-resident but otherwise entitled to voting membership, members of the Eliot Society, the President and Immediate Past President of the Women’s Society, persons selected by the Board for honorary membership, and individuals who have had a close, substantial, continuing, and beneficial relationship to the University.

Young Friends of Whittemore

Washington University alumnus or former students who are under the age of 35 years old.